Độ mới: Sách như mới

Most guidebooks and even Vietnamese people may tell you to say “ Xin chao” as “ Hello”.

In reality, NO Vietnamese people say that in daily life. “ Xin chao” is only for foreigners and event moderators. If you want to surprise a Vietnamese person, try saying “Chao em” (hello, little sister/brother), or “Chao anh” (Hello, older brother), or “Chao chi” (Hello, older sister). It’s more natural and will earn you major culture points.

Vietnam is certainly a strange and unfamiliar experience but it is also exciting, friendly and simply incredible!

This guide covers the following areas:

– Preparing for your trip: When to go, what to pack and what to plan in advance. Don’t be that person who turns up expecting a Visa on arrival and has their whole trip canelled!

– Where to go and what to do: Learn about the top spots to visit – the well – known ones and those off the beaten track.

– Accommondation: How to book, where to stay and what to expect.

– Food & Drink: The foods you have to try and those you might want to advoid – raw blood soup anyone?

– And everything else : Fun facts, top tips, the bucket list and much much more!